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I'm Natalie Jean, I am currently a senior at the University of Lincoln Nebraska majoring in graphic design with a minor in photography. I grew up on a farm near Columbus, Nebraska. I love everything about farm life and family values.  I have a great love for animals my dog, Luna has made the journey through college right along with me and is featured in many of my instagram photos. I also have a love for people and creating new relationships with others, be it at the coffee shop or in line at the store, I am always making new friends. I live and breathe art, when I'm not doing homework I'm normally a freelance artist/designer, I take family portraits, paint or draw commissioned work. I’m also working on a small start up company selling jewelry to spread awareness of depression and erase the stigma. If you would like to see more of that company check out the featured projects below and look for Amudi. Even when I’m not designing on my computer I am creating something exciting, whether it be refurbishing old furniture for my apartment, potting new plants or building a new display for my moms shop, my creativity never takes a break.

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I love working with others to create something unique and innovative as they imagined. If you would like to know more about commissioned work feel free to contact me on any of the platforms below. I’m always up for meeting new friends follow me on instagram or shoot me an email and lets chat.